Best Pet Insurance In Florida: Companies Reviewed In Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa, Orlando, And More

Best Pet Insurance In Florida: Companies Reviewed In Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa, Orlando, And More

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Florida is known for its relaxing beaches and beautiful sunshine, which explains why so many dog lovers choose to reside here. Unlike many other states, you can comfortably spend time outside with your dog year-round since temperatures are less harsh in the winter months.

Unfortunately, all that fun in the sun can also increase the chances of your dog having an accident or becoming ill. We’re not saying you should keep your dog cooped up inside 24/7, but we are saying you can protect your wallet in case your dog lands wrong during a game of fetch or steps on something sharp on the beach. Pet insurance can help you focus on your dog’s health without worrying about what it will do to your bank account.

All of our top-ranked pet insurance providers offer coverage in Florida. The monthly premium is based on your dog’s breed, zip code, pre-existing health conditions, age, and more.

Pet Insurance Ranking Best
Best For Young Pets Best No-Cap Payouts Best
Policy Price (avg) Variable Variable Variable Higher Lower Average
Policy Coverage Extensive Extensive Limited Extensive Extensive Limited
Customer Service & Reputation Good Good Excellent, Stable Excellent, Stable Excellent, Stable Uncertain, New
Claim Processing (avg) 7-14 Days 5-6 Days 2 Days 5 Days 3 Days 2 Days
Vet Direct Pay Option
Plan Customization Options Many Many Restricted Many Many Many
  Get A Quote Get A Quote Get A Quote Get A Quote Get A Quote Get A Quote
  Read Review Read Review Read Review Read Review Read Review Read Review

When this article was written, Lemonade’s pet insurance division was not enrolling pets in Florida. However, Lemonade is regularly adding new states to its lineup, and you may see coverage for Florida added in the near future, which is why it’s included in our top pet insurance picks.

Table Of ContentsMost Popular Dog Breeds In FloridaHow Much Does Pet Insurance Cost In Florida?What Cities In Florida Are Pet-Friendly?Pet Insurance Claim: Cost & Reimbursement From Florida CustomerShould I Get Pet Insurance?

A dog’s breed is one of the determining factors for your pet insurance policy cost. Below is a list of the most popular dog breeds in Florida.

Labrador RetrieverGerman ShepherdFrench BulldogGolden RetrieverBulldogPoodleRottweilerDachshundYorkshire TerrierBoxer


These are the most popular dog breeds in Miami, FL.

French BulldogEnglish BulldogPomeranianMiniature SchnauzerMaltese


The most popular dog breeds in Orlando, FL are listed below.

English BulldogRottweilerAmerican Staffordshire TerrierFrench BulldogGreat Dane


Below are the most popular dog breeds in Tampa, FL.

American Staffordshire TerrierGreat DaneEnglish BulldogRottweilerAmerican Pit Bull Terrier

How Much Does Pet Insurance Cost In Florida?

Pet insurance pricing is based on your pet’s details (e.g., age, breed, location, etc.). According to NAPHIA (North American Pet Health Insurance Association), the average monthly premium for an accident and illness dog insurance policy in the U.S. in 2022 was $53.34 ($32.25 for cats).

Since prices vary based on where you live as well as your pet’s characteristics, the best way to determine how much it would cost you is to complete our quick pet insurance quote form and get estimates from top pet insurance providers. This allows you to see how companies compare price-wise. With most companies, you can also adjust your monthly premium by lowering the deductible, reimbursement percentage, and annual payout to make it better fit your budget.

Once you have your customized price quotes, you may wonder how coverage varies among the different companies. Our pet insurance comparison includes multiple comparison charts to help you see key differences between coverage, waiting periods, age limitations, and more.

What Cities In Florida Are Pet-Friendly?

Below are the most pet-friendly cities in Florida based on the 100 largest U.S. cities. Note: Cities that fall outside of Florida were excluded from this table.

  Most Pet-Friendly Cities Pet Budget* Pet Health & Wellness** Outdoor Pet-Friendliness***
Tampa 2 42 5 13
Orlando 3 31 3 34
St. Petersburg 7 42 9 29
Miami 23 36 19 57
Jacksonville 51 26 72 63
Hialeah 79 61 66 65

*Pet budget was determined by considering vet care costs, minimum pet-care provider rate per visit and dog insurance premiums.

**Pet health and wellness was determined by considering veterinarians per capita, pet caretakers per capita, animal trainers per capita, pet businesses per capita, dog-friendly restaurants per capita, share of pet-friendly hotels, dog-friendly shops per capita, pet meetup groups per capita, doggie daycare and boarding establishments per capita, pet-friendliness of rental markets, average home square footage, share of single-family detached homes, share of homes with one or fewer occupants per room, animal shelters per capita and strength of animal protection laws.

***Outdoor pet-friendliness was determined by considering weather, dog parks per capita, parkland as a share of the city area, walk score, dog-friendly trails per capita and dog shows per capita. 

Florida Pet-Friendliness Statistics

There are some other notable statistics you might like to know regarding cities in Florida.

Based on 100 of the largest U.S. cities:Miami, Orlando, and Tampa are tied (with 2 other U.S. cities) for having the most veterinarians per capita.St. Petersberg is 3rd and Orlando is the 4th city for most pet businesses per capita.Orlando is tied (with 5 other U.S. cities) for having the most dog-friendly restaurants per capita.Tampa is tied (with 4 other U.S. cities) for having the most dog parks per capita while Hialeah is tied at 97th (with 1 other city) for having the fewest.

Florida is the second most dog-friendly state to live in. Floridians spend an average of $92 per order on their pets, more than a majority of other states. Additionally, 56% of Floridians are pet owners, and 364 pets have Twitter accounts. The state also ranks high for the number of pet shelters per 100,000 residents (3.1) and pet-friendly restaurants (5.1).

Pet Insurance Claim: Cost & Reimbursement From Florida Customer

Below is a real-life pet insurance claim from a Healthy Paws customer in Florida.

Location: Miami, FLCondition: MRI and cranial cruciate ligament surgeryTotal Vet Cost: $7,400Reimbursement: $6,560Amount Customer Paid: $840

Should I Get Pet Insurance?

Pet insurance can help you be more prepared for those unexpected vet bills. Just like human health insurance, pet insurance can help you financially during an emergency. Instead of focusing on your bank account, you can focus on the treatment and recovery of your pet. Learn more about why pet insurance is worth it.

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