Shameless Pets Reviews: Upcycled Treats & Toppers For Dogs

Shameless Pets Reviews: Upcycled Treats & Toppers For Dogs

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Dog owners know the importance of healthy nutrition, but this goes beyond picking high-quality pet food. Canine nutrition includes the treats we give dogs throughout the day. Some are far better than others. Shameless Pets is a company that focuses on using upcycled foods to make high-quality, very nutritious pet treats. The company uses misfit and surplus produce and transforms them into tasty treats.

The idea to make upcycled treats was formed when one of the founders witnessed firsthand the amount of food waste that happens in the grocery store industry. Wanting to do something about this unused and wasted food, the idea of upcycled pet treats was born. Shameless Pets got started in 2018 and is still growing strong. What makes these treats good? Is this brand worth the hype? Most importantly, are Shameless Pets treats healthy for your pup?

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Table Of ContentsKey FeaturesAbout Shameless PetsShameless Pets IngredientsShameless Pets Products & PricingWhat’s Our Final Verdict?

Shameless Pets Reviews

Product Name: Shameless Pets Dog Treats

Product Description: Shameless Pets creates all natural, holistic pet treats using upcyled human grade food ingredients.


Shameless Pets is dedicated to reducing food waste, environmental responsibility, and sustainability. The company drafts extremely high quality pet treats using human grade ingredients,

Overall Score



All natural pet treatsWide variety of treats, formulated to specific health concerns including digestion, joint support, and skin & coat healthSustainable, responsibly sourced, clean ingredientsPrioritizes unused and wasted foods, through upcyclingNo recallsTop flavor and qualitySoft treats, jerky and dental chewsInfused with superfoodsGreat value



Some products like Calming Chews are currently unavailableSome dogs do not like tasteSome dogs may have allergies to chicken, eggs, beef, and dairy



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Key Features

Holistic brandHuman-grade upcycled foods (fruits and vegetables)Grain-free dog and cat treatsHealthy and environmentally friendlyDonates food to animal shelters with every purchaseMade in the USANo artificial flavorings, fillers, or additivesNo corn, soy, wheat, or grainAffordable pricingCustomer support through website and email

About Shameless Pets

The concept behind Shameless Pets is to take those bruised, battered, odd, misshapen, and rejected fruits, vegetables, and other foods that go to waste. It is estimated over 100 billion pounds of food is thrown out and wasted every year, a rather eye-opening amount. Rather than letting these foods rot and serve no purpose, the company takes them and turns them into tasty, healthy, sustainable, highly nutritious dog and cat treats.

The company strives to work primarily with North American suppliers to find sustainable solutions to rescue perfectly usable foods headed for the landfill. Along with using sustainable ingredients in their recipes, the company uses recycled packaging for their treat pouches and makes thinner packaging to reduce their overall plastic consumption. Along with that, the company employs 80% solar energy. For every six bags of food purchased, 1 pound of food is rescued, helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Products are all made in the United States and will ship within the US and to Canada. Some products can be found through online retailers and at select grocery and pet stores.

Shameless Pets Ingredients

Shameless Pets ensures that all recipes contain at least 30% upcycled ingredients. All other components are responsibly sourced to reduce food waste. Their line of cat treats guarantees at least 20% upcycled sweet potatoes and uses no wheat, corn, or soy.

Upcycled ingredients include fruits and vegetables like apples, bananas, pumpkins, beets, blueberries, sweet potatoes, potatoes, carrots, and other components like eggs, lobster, and salmon skins. Other elements include peanut butter, kelp, turkey, bacon, duck, chicken, and vinegar. On recipes, upcycled components are marked with an*.

Recipes contain different ingredients, including collagen, probiotics, enzymes, glycerin, flaxseed, sunflower oil, glucose syrup, cane molasses, chondroitin sulfate, glucosamine hydrochloride, rosemary extract and mixed tocopherols for preservatives.

Shameless Pets Products & Pricing

Currently, Shameless Pets offers 26 different dog-specific treat products. These sustainable, all-natural, human-grade goodies contain at least 30% upcycled ingredients. Some recipes are developed to support body functions, including skin and coat health, digestion, bad breath, bone health, healthy hips and joints, and calmness.

There are a few varieties of doggie yummies to choose from. These include soft baked biscuits, dental sticks, jerky bites, themed goodies, and air-dried food/toppers. We’re highlighting a few of their best-selling dog products.

Bananas For Bacon Soft Baked

Developed for skin and coat supportContains sunflower meal, potato, bacon, flax seed meal, banana, vegetable glycerin, cane molasses, sunflower oil, peanut butter, and natural preservatives. In this recipe, the sunflower meal and banana are upcycled ingredients.Omega 3 & 6 from flaxseedPotassium from banana12% crude protein (min)9% crude fat (min)7% crude fiber (max)$6.99 per bag

Lobster Roll (Over) Soft Baked

Developed for hip and joint support with glucosamineContains sunflower meal, potato, lobster, vegetable glycerin, flaxseed meal, cane molasses, sunflower oil, kelp, citric acid, vinegar, glucosamine hydrochloride, chondroitin sulfate, and natural preservatives. In this recipe, sunflower meal and lobster are upcycled.Added chondroitin and glucosamine for joint healthLobster for proteinKelp for skin and coat16% crude protein (min)9% crude fat (min)7% crude fiber (max)$6.99 per bag

Moo Lobsta Jerky Bites

Hip and joint support with glucosamineContains grass-fed beef, sweet potato, coconut glycerin, lobster, sunflower meal, natural flavors, beef gelatin, sea salt, glucosamine hydrochloride, chondroitin sulfate, and natural preservatives. In this recipe, the sweet potato and lobster are upcycled.Glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate for hips and joints, sweet potato for digestion, and lobster for protein17% crude protein (min)12% crude fat (min)5% crude fiber (max)$8.99 per bag

Duck-tato Jerky Bites

For digestive supportIngredients include duck, sweet potato, coconut glycerin, miscanthus grass, natural flavor, sea salt, cinnamon, and mixed tocopherols. In this recipe, sweet potato is an upcycled ingredient.Chicory root aids digestion, and cinnamon helps with reducing inflammation. Sweet potato provides antioxidants.13% crude protein (min)2% crude fat (min)7% crude fiber (max)$8.99 per bag

Carrate Chomp Dental Sticks

Developed to help keep teeth clean and promote fresh breath. Includes fish oil which supports skin and coat healthcontains sunflower meal, chickpea, tapioca, coconut glycerin, carrot, salmon oil, apple cider vinegar, citric acid, marine microalgae oil, and mint. In this recipe, sunflower meal and carrots are upcycled elementsCarrot supports eye health. Mint promotes fresh breath, salmon oil, and marine microalgae provide Omega threes17% crude protein (min)12% crude fat (min)5% crude fiber (max)$8.99 per bag

Plant A Tree Eat Your Greens Crunchy Dog Treats

Crunchy bites, 75% formula made with upcycled ingredientsShameless Pets plants a tree for every tin purchasedMade with cassava, sweet potato, chicken, spinach, peanut butter, sunflower oil, and mixed tocopherols. It contains 75% upcycled produce and uses a 100% plastic-free container8% crude protein (min)8% crude fat (min)5% crude fiber (max)$17.99 per tin

Sweet Hen-sations Air Dried Dog Food Or Topper

Complete and balance air-dried food or Topper. Benefits of raw nutrition, with scoop-and-serve convenience,dried through a low and slow temperature process to preserve essential nutrients and preserve flavorChicken, sweet potato, barley, oak, eggs, carrot, pork plasma, flaxseed, salmon oil, salt, dried cultured skim milk, vitamins, and minerals. In this recipe, the sweet potato is the upcycled ingredientIt can serve as a topper or as complete nutrition.Sold exclusively online or through Whole Foods19% crude protein (min)13% crude fat (min)4% crude fiber (max)$19.99 per bag

What’s Our Final Verdict?

This is a healthy, above-average choice for pet treats. These are far better quality than most products found on the pet store shelf. The human-grade elements and commitment to sustainability and upcycling are admirable. On top of that, the products are well crafted, using high-quality ingredients. These products get high customer reviews. The company has never been the subject of any recall for either cat or dog products.

These recipes contain all-natural ingredients, no unnecessary fillers, and avoid many allergy-inducing or difficult-to-digest food elements. We appreciate that the company offers different treat options formulated for various health needs. On top of that, products come with a high level of quality control and care. The product variety, dedication to specific needs, including dental care, and steadfast commitment to the environment are top-notch.

Shameless Pets get predominantly high reviews. Owners report that most pups enjoy these goodies, especially picky eaters. Prices are reasonable, and delivery comes on time. The natural ingredients, lack of artificial additives, and variety are a big draw. When it comes to natural pet goodies, this is a top choice. They are not full of artificial chemicals, flavors, additives, or ingredients that are hard to digest or cause allergic reactions. These are a definite step up from the many cheap varieties of dog goodies you can see on the grocery store shelf.

Keep in mind that treats should only make up about 10% of your pup’s daily diet, so even high-quality, all-natural, healthy ones like these need to be fed in moderation.

If you are not sure that Shameless Pets’ products are the best fit for your four-legged companion, check out our reviews of some of the best dog treats, including companies like Native Pet and Pet Honesty. You may also want to look at our reviews of the best joint supplements for dogs, the best allergy supplements for canines, training treats, calming treats, and the best low-calorie dog treats.

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