Best Dog Shoes For Hot Pavement: How Hot Is Too Hot For Dog Paws?

Best Dog Shoes For Hot Pavement: How Hot Is Too Hot For Dog Paws?

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These boots are made for walkin’ — and for protection when your dog’s paws could blister in the sun. Yes, it’s true: dogs can scorch their paw pads from the hot ground on a sweltering summer day. Read our reviews of the best dog shoes for hot pavement to learn how to protect your dog’s paws and how you can test the temperature of the asphalt yourself to ensure your dog’s safety.

Winner Runner-Up Third Place
RuffWear Grip Trex Lonsuneer HCPET
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Table Of ContentsBest Dog Shoes For Hot PavementOther Reviews Of Dog Booties For SummerVideo: What Temperature Is Too Hot For Dog Paws?Other Products To Protect Dog Paws From HeatNeed Dog Boots For Winter Or Hiking?

Best Dog Shoes For Hot Pavement

Sure, grass or dirt is best for walking your dog when the temps get high, but many of us don’t have that option. Hot asphalt and even sidewalks can cause major blistering and redness on your dog’s pads on hot summer days.

Protection is key, and we’ve picked our top summer dog bootie winners to help save your pup from painful burns and blisters.

Winner: RuffWear Grip Trex Review

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RuffWear’s Grip Trex high-performance dog shoes are among the most durable you’ll find. They’re made for hiking rough terrain, but we recommend them for heat protection as well. They have breathable mesh on the upper part of the shoe that provides plenty of ventilation.

They’re also easy to put on with a secure velcro system that stays put. Also, the inside is rubber, so you’ll need socks to go with them. These puppies are pricier than other pad protectors, so you may want to check out our #2 pick if you only use dog booties occasionally.

Pros Cons
Anti-slip outsole is rugged and durable More expensive option
Protection from hot and cold surfaces & sharp objects
Water-resistant sole and toe
Easy to put on (and keep on)
4 boots available in 7 sizes: ranging from 1.5″W to 3.25″W
Comes in 3 colors: black, blue, and red
Machine washable


Starting At: 

Check Amazon for availability

Runner-Up: Lonsuneer Boots Review

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The Lonsuneer dog booties have a non-slip bottom made of neoprene and a double layer of mesh fabric. The mesh helps keep the dog’s feet cool so air can circulate on the top of the paw. The neoprene helps keep your dog’s paws dry in case you get caught in the rain on walks.

These boots are relatively inexpensive, but they also have some complaints that they are not durable. So if you plan on your dog wearing them every day, you may want to invest in another set like our #1 or #3 picks.

Our Personal Experience

We bought these primarily for indoor use when our older dog started slipping on our hardwood and tile floors. They helped her to get around much more easily, and the velcro keeps them on. – Michelle S., Canine Journal

Pros Cons
Anti-slip sole Some complaints about them not being durable
Protection from hot surfaces
Easy to put on
Reflective velcro straps


Starting At:  $14.99

Third Place: HCPET Boots Review

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If you’re looking for the best dog shoes for summer that your dog can wear daily and last a bit longer in hot and cold outdoor conditions, these boots are a good value. These booties also protect your dog’s paws from sharp objects and provide traction.

The soles are made from rubber and are water-resistant. They have a breathable shell so the paws get airflow. If you opt to get these boots for your dog, be sure to measure them correctly because they come in different sizes for different-sized paws.

Pros Cons
Anti-slip sole Slightly more expensive option
Protection from hot and cold surfaces & sharp objects
Easy to put on
Reflective accents
Comes in 7 colors and various sizes


Starting At $39.99

Other Reviews Of Dog Booties For Summer

Here are some other options that are worth considering.

PawZ Dog Boots Rubber Dog Booties

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PawZ Dog Boots are different from the other shoes we review. Instead of more traditional fabric, these dog booties protect a pup’s paws with rubber. They come in seven sizes and a variety of bright colors and camo.

They’re waterproof, heat-proof, and the rubber material minimizes slipping and sliding. PawZ also makes a few other paw protection products, including protective wax and a sanitizing spray.

Pros Cons
Rubber makes them anti-slip Can re-use but may not last as long as other booties
Protection from all temperatures More difficult to put on
Water-resistant Can puncture or tear
Secure, comfy fit – difficult for dogs to remove Not reflective
Reflective accents


Starting At: $16.99

QUMY Boots Review

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These QUMY boots are a popular choice and get good reviews. They have a non-slip bottom to help with stability and traction and are made from a water-resistant material that keeps your pup’s paws dry.

These hot-weather shoes for dogs can also be worn in cold climates and protect paws from thorns, sticks, and other sharp objects.

Pros Cons
Anti-slip sole Some complaints that they come apart quickly
Protection from hot and cold surfaces & sharp objects Several complaints that they fall off easily
Easy to put on
Reflective velcro straps


Starting At:  $28.99

Walkee Paws Review

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Walkee Paws are known for their unique design and was a featured product on Shark Tank. These rubber booties get their support from stylish leggings that turn into straps that secure on the dog’s back. While Walkee Paws advertises this product to protect against the hot pavement, we do have concerns that they may make your pup hot during the warmer months. Durability, ease of use, and comfort are also concerns.

Pros Cons
Anti-slip rubber boot Some users complain about durability
Protection in all seasons Can be difficult to put on
Waterproof boots, water-resistant leggings Backstrap can be uncomfortable
Lots of fabric choices available May be hot during warm months
Protect the whole leg
Several size options
Excellent customer service


Starting At: Check Amazon for availability

Full Review of Walkee Paws

Video: What Temperature Is Too Hot For Dog Paws?

The video below shows examples of how hot the pavement can feel on a 95°F day and why it’s important to protect your dog’s paws from burns.

We know that most of you don’t have an infrared thermometer hanging around your house, so we have another way for you to test the pavement temperature.

If you can’t hold the back of your hand on the pavement for five to ten seconds because it burns, then it’s too hot for your dog’s paws. It’s important to do this test frequently because even on a 77°F day, the asphalt can reach 125°F.

Other Products To Protect Dog Paws From Heat

Dog booties for hot pavement are a good idea, but you can also use Musher’s dog paw protection wax, which costs $25.99 .

If your dog does burn his pads, we recommend Paw Nector’s 100% organic wax, which costs  $9.99 ($5.00 / Ounce) , to help soothe and heal damaged pads.

It’s not just paws you have to worry about. Your dog can get sunburned as well, so don’t forget dog sunscreen, especially if you have a light-colored dog.

Need Dog Boots For Winter Or Hiking?

Summer isn’t the only time you need to protect your dog from the elements. See our reviews of dog boots (and coats) for winter to find out which shoes are best to save your dog from ice, snow, and harmful salts and chemicals. Hiking can also be hard on your pup’s paws, so be sure to check out our article which includes reviews of dog boots for hiking and other tips for backpacking and camping with your dog.

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