Enjoying the Great Outdoors: Documenting your Cycling Adventures

Cycling has many well-documented benefits. Not only is it good for the health in terms of improving cardiovascular endurance, it is also an excellent way to burn excess calories and stay fit. For some more enterprising individuals, it can be a great way to showcase their creativity by documenting their cycling adventures on a 1080p camera and posting them on the internet for the whole world to see.

Video Documentaries

Video documentaries are nonfictional films that are produced to document a certain aspect of reality. In most cases, video documentaries are made in order to teach other individuals who might also be interested in the filmed event. In some cases, video documentaries serve as a historical record of a particular event.

However video documentaries will serve its purpose, mountain bikers or recreation cyclists can maximize their mobility and versatility in the creation of truly inspiring video documentaries.

Documenting While Biking

Helmet-mounted video cameras are an excellent tool to have in video documentation. This is made more interesting when the video documentary is done on a live streaming format. This means that whatever is being filmed or recorded on your video camera is simultaneously being sent over the internet for the whole world to watch. This is made possible by the development of certain Wi-Fi video camera systems that seamlessly connect to the internet for that instant live video streaming.

Mountain bikers as well as long distance cyclists can benefit from these technological breakthroughs. For instance, mountain biking requires a certain level of expertise that calls for agility, coordination, and precision balancing as you traverse rocky roads, muddy flats, and steep cliffs. A helmet mounted video camera will keep a record of your every move and, unfortunately, every single wipeout you get. The set-up gives your viewers a sense of realism as if they are the ones riding the bike and making those dangerous maneuvers on a rocky mountain pass. It is this sense of realism that makes mountain bike video documentaries very exciting.

For speed cyclists, those who participate in international events such as the Tour de France, documenting their training exercises can give them a rough idea of how they can ride faster. A 1080p camera offers a high enough resolution to identify some of the mistakes these speed demons have made in one particular run. As a documentary, the video can also serve as an instructional guide for other aspiring speed cyclists, of course , you will need a videographer for this.

For recreational cyclists, a gentle ride across valleys and fields will provide viewers of a rare glimpse of the beauty of the countryside. It is one sure way to present to the whole world a first-person view of a certain place. The recorded video can then be processed to add more interesting elements such as background music, voiceovers, and textual information. The end result is one stunning video documentary of your cycling adventures.

If you have a signal, your Wi-Fi video camera can automatically upload the video clip without the need for post-processing. The video clip is thus uploaded as a pure unadulterated video documentary. It may look bland but it is as real as it gets.

Investing in Technology

In order to document your cycling adventures, whether on a mountain bike or on a racing bike, you will need a sturdy video equipment that can withstand impact forces that might occur should you inadvertently meet an accident. Furthermore, you need to have a video recording device that has a high definition resolution. You can start with a 1080p camera preferably with a frame rate of 30fps or more. If you can get a 4K high definition camera, that would be even better. This will allow you to produce a video documentary that is crisp and vibrant for absolute viewing pleasure.

Cycling can have many health benefits. Now, it can be an interesting way to create your very own video documentary, making a historical record of your cycling adventures.